have you ever seen a Guitar without Strings?

Strings..Creates perfect blend of tune and rhythm!!

We at Superlative HR 'attune' the most important element of the company 'People'

We strive hard to make organizations create the perfect blend of team members; to produce the best tune and rhythm.

The Endeavour finally leads to a synchronized harmony between the team and the organization to achieve the ultimate vision!


Riyaz... day today practice is known as Riyaz. To give utmost happiness to the audience requires high level of presentation of Riyaz.

We too are practicing in the field of H R Consultation for last 15 years.

Our Commitment, passion and ability to transform any H R related problem into finessed solutions helped us to evolve easily one of the prominent HR Consultation Company.

A Chord is a combination of notes….
The permutation and combination of notes helps to create exclusive combination of melody…

We found our notes in our HR solutions that we have provided to the varied organizations seeking such solutions for their varied HR problems.

Composing the Melody…
Combining the right chords to compose right melodies is the skill of the Artist.

Over the years with wide ranging experience in the field of HR, we have proved to be One Stop H R Solutions Company to our client Organizations.

We develop tailor made solutions to cater the wide ranging needs of our clients. Our Innovative, Time Bound and Commercially Sound H R Solutions have certainly added clear value to our client Organizations.



The Perfect tune....The strings of a Guitar need to be tuned in such a way that it produce right tunes.

We tune in the resources in such a way to have the desired outcome for our client Organizations.

We help organizations to create Performance Driven Culture through HR Consultation in areas of:

  • Performance Management System
    (Design to Implementation)
  • Turn around Management through HR
  • Comprehensive HR Audit

  • Preparation of HR Policy Manual
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Compensation Survey

Interesting & Exciting Synchronization... Strings are in black, blue or yellow in colour… Each one has its own quality & importance.


eople, though with differing skills and personalities are equally important for every organization.

e do exactly the same through our very interesting and exciting People Development Programs. They are necessarily customized as per the requirements of the organization. We have a pool of passionate & experienced Professionals who use unconventional Training methods of People Development.

We conduct very exciting programs covering all grades of Management. We have conducted these programs in various organizations in different industry verticals not in India but in Dubai and Australia as well.


Thickness of the strings in a Guitar differs, thin and thick. Every vibration has different sound

Every Guitar requires the best thin and thick strings. Likewise, every Organization requires the best talent and we are proud to have the unmatched ability to hunt the best of the talent.

With our immense competence in sourcing high caliber professionals along with the unique capability to build a rapport with organizations as well as candidates, Talent Search with us is always a satisfying experience for both.


Best in its own class....

Ever Concert or performance need to be the best… it’s a moment of joy and happiness to both, the artist and audience as well….


Organizing the best in the class HR Events is our specialty where HR professionals from different organizations gather for an intimate setting of debate, learning and networking.

We have so far organized numerous One Day Seminars in different cities of Maharashtra along with a mega scale HR Summit in 2006 which have been very well received by the Management fraternity. We are proud to be the only HR Solutions Company in India to have Boston Business School, Switzerland’s Premium Partnership for our HR Summit.

We have been so far associated with Industry domains like Engineering, Project Management, Automotive & Auto Ancillaries, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Information Technology, Consumer Durables & Banking etc.



We, the Superlative Team…

We are a team with a nice blend of experience and energy with extensive industrial exposure and wide range of expertise, a team with Quality and Competence.

Our dedicated team member develops a rapport with organization to become a one point of contact for that organization

With all the strings of the Guitar perfectly tuned together, what results is a vibration of the strings which produces the much awaited pleasing sound.

When right people work in the right job role and with the highest level of effectiveness, what results is the vibration of eternal energy.

We at Superlative H R exactly work with the same effectiveness and that’s what creates melodies which satisfies everybody, the Creator of Guitar (Employer), the people who play the Guitar (Employees) and the Audience (the Stakeholders).


Aditya Oak


A Post Graduate in HR with rare combination of Industry & Consultation experience of 27 years with exceptional ability of transforming organizations through HR Initiatives and bringing in Performance driven Culture for enhancing Organizational effectiveness

Demonstrated expertise in handling entire gamut of HR with excellent balance of HR & Employee Relations while working with Indian & Multinational Companies.

A Management Coach and strong believer of using unconventional methods of conducting People Development Programs

Used his sports talent to the fullest while handling critical issues / problems during his HR Career

Blessed to work with some of the best Management professionals as well very learned Union Leaders during his career

Maintain very good rapport with some of the best Management Coaches / Speakers across the Globe

Maintain very close links with Management Institutions as well and have been a Motivational Speaker, Guest Lecturer in 15 renowned Management Institutes in Maharashtra.

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